A multidisciplinary evidence based state-of-the-art presented in a form of a report.

FOREST-IN is a complex project which innovation factors will comprise state-of-the-art techniques in fields such as digital technology, forestry and nature conservation, communications and knowledge transference, and adult pedagogy. Such a comprehensive, multifaceted approach draws expertise and supports from those sciences, and requires the development of a framework complying innovation and vanguard knowledge and means that will set out the key competences to be included in the project. Thus, the project will start with a research exercise to ensure that each partner addresses common issues to an agreed depth and according to groundbreaking techniques and knowledge. In developing the research framework University of Aveiro will clearly outline the questions to be addressed by both the desk-based and field-based research. All partners will add contributions that may come in the form of critical review, presentation of case studies, presentation of needs and or different approaches, presentation of best practices, among others.