Forest-IN smallholders App

IT application (smartphone/tablet) for supporting the learning processes about sustainable forest management and decision making, and for raising awareness.

Based on the concept of microlearning, the project included the design, development and dissemination of a mobile application to easily and visually help small forest holders to manage and plan their production and harvesting respecting biodiversity and meeting criteria for sustainable forest management, adopting best practices The system is composed by an app working connected to Internet. Any interested participant may require to describe and/or map their forest and or register their management practices by means of self-made short videos. Based on microlearning – a kind of training that’s broken down into short segments—usually between 30 seconds and 5 minutes long in video format -  the visual information addresses  topics such as species most adapted to climate and soil characteristics; forestry techniques needed for a greater profitability; biodiversity protection and enhancement; adapted forestry management ; forests and climate change; forests and water; valuable non timber forest products associated with species/ management; among many others.  

The APP features microlearning elements, tools, a dynamica calendar for relevant events and activities from the partners’ networks and useful contacts for forest smallholders and professionals.

The app is made available for free to install from Google Play and Apple Store

Android App


Users manual


Visit also the web version application at the Smallholders observatory section.