The Galicia Forestry Association

The Galicia Forestry Association (AFG) is a private non for profit organisation created in 1986 consisting of forest owners (individual private forests and private comunal neighborhood forest). Its activities principally focus on providing technical support and representing their members before the forest Administration, industries and institutions. Other purposes are to achieve the sustainable management of the Galician forests as well as launching and participating in initiatives related to the defence of the forests and the enhancement of their products. 

Since its beginnings, the AFG has worked in the recognition of the essential role of forest owners due to their commitment to promote the sustainable forest management and the maintenance of biodiversity as well as their contribution to the mitigation of the effects of climate change and to the maintenance of vital spaces for the society in general. The forests grouped in the AFG, besides producing wood to supply to a key industry in the Galician economy, also produce other resources, sometimes called "secondary" as it can be cattle, mushrooms, wild fruits... and they are even an important source of renewable energy and other "intangible" assets such as drinking water supplies, soil   conservation, carbon sinks, landscape, etc.

On the other hand, the AFG has large experience developing R&D projects through co-operation programmes along with other regional, national and international forestry and research institutions. It also has extensive expertise in knowledge transfer through the organisation of training courses, dissemination sessions and forestry trips.