A multidisciplinary evidence based state-of-the-art presented in a form of a report.

FOREST-IN is a project to learn about implementing sustainable forest management based on digital technology, forestry and nature conservation, communications and knowledge transference, and ultimately, adult pedagogy.

The Summary research report was done with recourse to research exercises to ensure the coverage of common issues in the project partners’ countries as well as region-specific themes and problematics. Through participatory workshops, interviews and surveys, Forest-IN’s  Summary Research Report informs and establishes the designs and contents of the framework of the project, and all subsequent results.

All the project’s partners added contributions in the planned areas that are of particular importance to FOREST-IN project: sustainable forest management for small forst holdings; IT and web-based tools used in the context of forestry and adult education; communication and training techniques for adults; public engagement towards sustainability;.

The Summary research report Work consolidates already existing know-how in the above-mentioned areas but allowes to work on the the dramatic novel changes in obligations that implicate smallholders in Forest management that ensued, changes in governmental practices and the consequent renewed approach to forests and the forest sector, as well  as  the catastrophic forest fires in recent years that swept virtually all of Europe.